Monday, August 13, 2012

Making it Meaningful

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We all have something hanging in our closet that we never wear, but we can't seem to part with either. I had things in my closet that didn't fit, but I love the pattern. Or items that were so cheap that I couldn't pass them up, even though I couldn't get my leg all the way through. Sometimes, we even have clothes that are meaningful to us, though no longer useful. Perhaps a loved one has passed away and you simply can't bear the thought of giving their items away, but you can't reasonably hold on to every curtain, sheet and garment.

Below are some pictures that showcase ways I have taken precious fabrics (though they are not something I would wear on a regular basis) and made them into practical and wearable pieces.

Photo 1: A versatile clip for hair, shoe, top, or the flap of your purse. Made from leftover lace trim that my aunt no longer needed.

Photo 2: A piece I made using a too-big shirt and a shiny blouse from my late grandmother.

Photo 3: This was a newborn headband, made of another one of Grandma June's tops.

Photo 4: This red, black and turquoise material was another blouse from Junie. It is a gorgeous fabric and I loved the pattern. This made for a really meaningful piece that my cousin had ordered.

Photo 5 & 6: for these pieces I made a coordinating mother-daughter set for a family photo shoot. I made these from a friend's scarf.

You get the idea... I love taking a special fabric that has meaning, and making it into a beautiful, wearable piece that allows you to honor someone you love... without wearing Grandma June's shoulder pads.

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